Do I need to register?

Some projects may require you to register in order to take part.

How can I take part?

You can take part by answering any surveys or by giving feedback through our different engagement tools.

What happens to my feedback?

Your feedback is considered and analysed by the project coordinators. Your feedback will help shape the services and decisions within the area

Is my privacy protected?

Please see the Privacy Policy tab at the bottom of the website for more information

I hardly access the internet? Will I be missing out on having my say?

The engagement site offers an exciting online way to engage, however, it does not replace traditional formats of consulting the public such as face to face, paper based (which we can offer) and focus groups.

Who runs the site and how do I contact them?

Should you have a query about one of our running consultations or should you wish to have a consultation posted please contact The Social Development team by emailing: Engagement@bury.gov.uk