We asked, You said, We did

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Once the teams have had chance to review responses and produce some outcomes from what users have said, feedback will be produced here...

Once the teams have had chance to review responses and produce some outcomes from what users have said, feedback will be produced here...

  • Site feedback after 200 responses - Registration form

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    We asked

    After completion of a survey you may have been asked to give your views on One Community Bury in general so that the team can make improvements and give the user a better experience.

    You said

    One of the recurring comments was that the registration form was too long or parts of it could be removed.

    What have we done?

    After reviewing the registration form we decided to remove certain areas of the form that wasn't deemed necessary or worthwhile asking. All remaining questions are now essential or have a reason to be asked to enable to us to target certain groups for consultation. If you haven't participated on the website and therefor haven't received a link or clicked on the link on the homepage you can complete the feedback form by clicking here

  • Castle Leisure Centre - Silhouettes Cafe Closure

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    supporting image

    What we asked

    Bury Council made the decision to close the Silhouettes Cafe at The Castle leisure Centre and we asked for your thoughts and comments on the decision

    Feedback report from the consultation

    Thank you for your feedback regarding the closure of Castle Leisure Centre’s Café (Silhouettes). From the feedback it was clear that everyone who engaged with the consultation found the staff within the café to be very friendly and helpful. Bury Council will endeavour, where feasible, to redeploy the staff from the café to other areas of the authority.

    The feedback received from many respondents agreed that the café should close, due to the ongoing financial loss, but would miss the use of the space and the offering within the café area. Please be aware that the café seating area will still be available for use as a community space and that there will be options to buy drinks and snacks.

    A number of respondents suggested other options for the café, including moving it to the old library space or altering and developing the menu. Over the past 2 years, the management team have explored other options with revised opening times, new menu items and considerations to move the café, but again this was not financially viable and would have been a substantial cost, with a risk of little return on investment.

    Thank you again for taking the time to offer feedback, all comments were gratefully received.

    Kind regards,

    Leisure Catering

    To read more about why the decision was made click here

  • Older People’s Day Services Review

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    Consultation :

    Older People's day services review

    We asked :

    Bury Council is reviewing commissioned non-statutory older people’s day services.

    A service review is a quality improvement process which monitors delivery against a set of specified criteria. This is a standard part of the commissioning process.

    It is important that Bury Council has the views of people who use the service and other interested parties, to ensure that a quality service is being delivered.

    You said :
  • Carers Consultation 2018

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    Consultation :

    Carers Consultation 2018

    We asked:

    Bury Council and Bury CCG consulted with carers and people who support carers to seek their views on the services they have used, their needs, and what provision for carers they would like to see in Bury.

    You said:

    From the consultation feedback it was clear there were 8 emerging themes:

    1) Information and advice

    2) Local community support

    3) Available support isn’t right

    4) Carers are clear on what is important to them

    5) Respite

    6) Befriending and Peer Support

    7) Disjointed system

    8) More activities and support for all carers

    Full results can be viewed here: Carers Consultation 2018 | One Community

    We did:

    Feedback will lead to reshaping carers service and support

  • Active Case Management

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    Consultation :

    Active Case Management: High intensity users of health and social care programme - Internal staff survey

    The aim of this survey was to review participation and experience over the first 90 days of the roll out of the Active Case Management programme. It focused on three areas: Standard Operating Procedure, stakeholders and paperwork.

    We asked:

    We asked a number of questions about people’s understanding of the programme and associated paperwork, how they felt about the programme.

    You said:

    We got some really positive feedback. Plus some challenges which we were able to address.

    We did:

    We made changes to the referral paperwork associated with the programme. We made it shorter and more user friendly.

    What impact did the piece of engagement had on individuals/communities/groups?

    The consultation helped us to work towards delivering a programme of work which supports high intensity users of health and social care to live as well as they can. I hope that the change in the paperwork will encourage health and social care staff to refer people in.

  • Home To School Travel Assistance

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    We Asked:

    In 2018 Bury2Gether Parent/Carer forum undertook a survey with their members about the SEN Travel Assistance service, the feedback was used to inform operational changes to improve the service for children and young people and their parents/carers.

    The consultation which was published in January 2019 was done to gather feedback for the following reasons:

    · To gather feedback on operational service improvements which were implemented in Autumn 2018 and the quality of the transport and escorts

    · To inform the specification for the new contracts which are being tendered in 2019

    · For use in further service development and to promote flexibility and choice of all SEN travel assistance options available

    You Said...

    The operational changes have made a difference and the quality of the service has improved with the implementation of:

    · Zero cancellation policy

    · School and College TransportTeam are available Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 4:45pm

    · Consistent arrangements in place with vehicles and escorts

    The new contracts will continue to improve the quality of the service with a wider range of providers and monitoring of their performance.

    Awareness of alternative travel options to increase choice, flexibility and independence is mixed.


    Of the parent/carers who responded:

    · 93% find the escort polite and understanding of their child/young person’s needs

    · 63% have noticed an improvement in the service

    · 97.6% told us their vehicle generally arrives within 5 minutes of the pick up / drop off time

    · 16.3% would consider an alternative option to reduce the travel time for their child/young person

    · 4.8% would be interested in promoting independence for their older young person with the use of vehicle meeting points in safe designated meeting points

    · 19% told us that either they or a family member would be interested in acting as a volunteer pupil escort

    · 66.7% are aware of travel training, 85.1% are aware of mileage reimbursement, 51.1% are aware of personal budgets, 69.6% are aware of travel passes and 95.7% are aware of transport

    What we are going to do...

    We will continue to work with all providers to ensure that transport is of good quality, with focus on safety and consistency of staff on the vehicles. The zero cancellation is working and we will continue with our efforts on this.

    We will continue to work with Bury2Gether and we will have SEN School and College transport team representation at events during the year so parent/carers can feedback directly and we can let people know about the alternative options available.